The second biggest U.S. economic consumer debt problem is student loans at almost $2 Trillion and young people start their lives on average of $37,000 in debt. People of my generation are still pushing that a college education is necessary to succeed and one must then go straight into making a living and fitting into the matrix. Sure, if you want to be a doctor or lawyer or specific trade, that makes sense. But most students have no direction or idea what they want to do with their lives. The simple fact is that they haven’t lived outside of their parent’s home to even know what they would want to do or what they are passionate about. No wonder they are confused, depressed and bored. They know one thing. Generation before them didn’t have the answers.

This a seriously flawed system that no longer makes sense. As a baby boomer, I was told I should go to college and get a job (not a career I love), pay the bills and save to retire. We are told debt is bad, but then we are encouraged to start our lives in debt to our colleges and to survive off of our credit cards. Then we go into ‘jobs’ to earn because no one tells us that we should actually love what we do for a living. Anything we love is called a ‘hobby.’ Our system doesn’t work. Just look at people my age who are sick, unhappy, divorced and struggling to find meaning. We are the generation trying to find out how to get out of everything we were told was right. We are seeking spiritual awareness and desire to ‘make it right.’ We went along with consumer needs over the health of the planet and ourselves. And it’s time to fix it. We know this. And many of us are doing something about it.

It is never too late to create a life that makes sense for ourselves and others. We have the tools and the means. We just have to get the guts up to use them. I quit that 25 year investment banking career and I went after my dreams. I achieved them and continue to go after bigger dreams. I do my best to contribute to the good of this planet as much and often as I can. We are changing things and I see a huge, positive . shift happening. But we can always do more. I went out of my comfort zone and learned how to use the internet to reach the globe with messages of peace and encouragement. I am showing others that they can learn new skills that can empower them in a new world of technology. It’s really not that scary. I want people to know that they have no limits. I also know that it isn’t easy for humans to break away from all that we’ve been told is ‘right.’ I am here to tell you that ‘right’ is what you do ‘right now’ which means that everything counts. Everyone can have a new life and create a new world. What are you doing to create that amazing life and to spread the news to empower others? Do it today. Do it now. You are limitless.

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