Do you spend your time studying Law of Attraction and still don’t have what you desire?  Whatever “Making It’ is for you . . . a specific amount of income, simply never worrying about money, an ideal relationship or job, eliminating stress in your life . . . you know you’ve made it when you stop writing and envisioning your desires and find yourself bombarded with ideas and opportunities that make it happen. I mean instead of spending hours and hours with vision boards, videos about Law of Attraction, Manifesting, you find yourself flooded with ideas, situations, people.  Instead of a silent void and waking up sweating, unhappy, unfulfilled, you receive inspiration in multiple ways and it’s EXCITING!  Every day the Universe is sending you opportunities, ideas, insights.

My bedside notebook no longer functions as list of my desires. It is now my IDEA book. When I receive my next book or movie idea, a new plot, a new blog or product idea, I write it down and then take action on it the next day. THAT is when you know you’ve moved past desire and are in receiving mode. Instead of asking for my desires, I ask for acceleration. I already know that the Universe received my ‘order’ of ‘I wants’ and it knows yours too. What if you focus on all of the great opportunities it’s sending every day and acting on it! If you don’t feel like you are receiving anything then there is a good chance that you haven’t cleared out the doubt and worry that will allow it to come to you. Because, believe me, it is all there waiting for you! You just need to give it an entrance!

You’ve “Made It” when you don’t have time to think about what you desire, because you can’t keep up with all of the great stuff, things, and people that are flowing into your life! Pay attention! It’s there. Stop asking and get ready to start taking notes and implementing! We know that you can’t get what you want if you Ask without Receiving. So, start RECEIVING! It’s out there for you. I know, because I’ve experienced it and so can you! Now go and make it happen! I wish you incredible success!  Landria


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