Do You Know the Big Lie?

THE ‘BIG LIE’ YOU NEED TO KNOW Do you know what the Big Lie is? Everyone should know. The Big Lie is what keeps you from being amazing, wealthy, healthy and happy. The Big Lie is that lie we tell ourselves that allows us to stay in mediocrity. Everyone has one. It’s when you tell […]

On the Set of “The Rooftop Christmas Tree”

Filming is complete and “The Rooftop Christmas Tree” is set to air on UP Entertainment television December 1, 2016 nationwide in the U.S. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how award winning Producer, David Winning, delivers my story. This is an example of going after dreams. The sequel, “A Bell for Christmas” is being […]

If Not Now, When?

Do you envision goals and every year you continue to think of them as something you will achieve in the future? Somehow you never find that ‘perfect time’ to do what it takes to actually execute and go after them. Why is that? We stall, because it feels so great and exciting to think about […]

Are You On Life Support? From SFM

Your Six Figure Mentors Advisor here, to share some insight for the day. Last year, months after the sudden death of my Mother, I found myself taking my Father off of Life Support. I held his hand and told him how much he was loved, what a wonderful Father he was, and watched the heart […]