The Ultimate Weapon is Fear: Are You Falling For It?

Fear is the Oldest Trick in the Book I don’t usually write about the insanity that is taking place on our planet. My whole platform emphasizes a focus on positive change in every area of our lives. What we focus on, we create. It seems that even the ‘spiritual’ and ‘new age’ set are getting […]

Spirituality in Business Counts

Spirituality in Business Counts What do I mean by spirituality in business? Until recently, these two subjects had no connection to one another. We go to work and then we come home and meditate. What we DO for a living was not really a factor in our spiritual growth. Yes, sure, we know if we […]

Do You Know the Big Lie?

THE ‘BIG LIE’ YOU NEED TO KNOW Do you know what the Big Lie is? Everyone should know. The Big Lie is what keeps you from being amazing, wealthy, healthy and happy. The Big Lie is that lie we tell ourselves that allows us to stay in mediocrity. Everyone has one. It’s when you tell […]

If Not Now, When?

Do you envision goals and every year you continue to think of them as something you will achieve in the future? Somehow you never find that ‘perfect time’ to do what it takes to actually execute and go after them. Why is that? We stall, because it feels so great and exciting to think about […]

The Real Law of Attraction

So many of us constantly WANT, DESIRE, SEEK! If you study manifesting, you know that The Real Law of Attraction is . . . GIVING! Giving is the message that you already have abundance. Instead of being focused on what YOU want, focus on what others want or need.  That is the real Law of Attraction! If you […]

Want to Know How to Achieve BIG Financial Wealth? From Six Figure Mentors

SET BIG FINANCIAL WEALTH GOALS, because YOU CAN reach them, you can start now, and here is how . . . I worked in investment banking for over 20 years, with billionaires, the rich and famous, and I can tell you that wealth is available to everyone because of ONE BIG THING that wasn’t available when I […]

Break Thru Your Blocks to Wealth

EVERYONE suffers from ‘blocks’ to success. We wonder when we will reach that place where money is flowing and we are loving every day.  You CAN have it all – wealth, fun, freedom! So, what IS stopping you? After 20 years in investment banking, working with startup businesses to billionaires, I have a pretty clear picture of […]